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CMS Made Simple Customization

CMS Made Simple is a fantastic content management system (CMS) that is very simple to use. This simplicity masks what is a sophisticated piece of software. We have successfully integrated CMS Made Simple into the following websites:

cmsms customization


Our CMS Made Simple services includes:

» Upgrades
» Migration
» Staff Training
» Custom Module Development case study »
» Theme Customization & Templates Design case study »

CMS Made Simple custom modules we've created:

CMSMS Custom Modules by Totera


Whatever your site design we can apply it to the CMS for you and hand it back fully working with a number of value added configuration tweaks such as ensuring that it is optimised for search engine visibility and that it comes with a dynamic Google site-map. We're also happy to make customisations to the core modules or build custom modules.

Why CMS Made Simple?

We love CMSMS so much we use on on our site! Why?

  • CMS Made Simple is an open source (GPL) package, which saves on licensing fees.
  • CMS Made Simple allows our clients and their staff to create and manage pages via an easy-to-use control panel.
  • CMS Made Simple is flexable enough to have a complex design that are easily to updated.
  • CMS Made Simple makes managing the navigation in your website a breeze.
  • The Core package provides the ability to manage news articles, search functionality a contact form, a WYSIWYG editor (for your customers or editors) and numerous other built in functions.
  • Additionally, there are hundreds of third party add-on tools that are quickly and easily installable to allow building websites with many different capabilities.
    and much more...

If you prefer you can download CMS Made Simple here and have a go at doing it yourself. If subsequently you'd like us to help you with any aspects of the installation, skinning or module development then please doesn't hesitate to get in touch.

CMS Made Simple Features

» SEO Friendly URLs
» Integrated and online help
» Modular and extensible
» Easy user and group management
» Group-based permission system
» Full template support, for unlimited looks without changing a line of content
» Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures
» Minimal server requirements
» Admin panel with multiple language support
» Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
» Integrated file manager w/ upload capabilities
» Integrated audit log
» Friendly support in forums and irc
» Small footprint

Interested? Contact us to take a test drive.