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Establishing a complete online presence for you since 1999

Starting as a small web design firm, Totera rapidly earned a broad base of loyal clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. More than a web design company, Totera is a culmination of founder and president, Frank DePalma’s years of experience in the broadcast communications industry. With facilities in Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington, Totera Web Systems is part of a network of privately held companies owned and operated by Totera, Inc.

Technology is always changing. 

Our mission remains.
Today, Totera provides web development, creative design, domain acquisition, web hosting, site management, email services, and complete digital marketing solutions to organizations worldwide—all supported by outstanding customer service our clients have come to expect.
Meet the team.

Our people make the difference

Frank .:. Founder + President
Frank knows the importance of building strong relationships with other industry experts. With his communications skills and focus on teamwork, he is able to combine creativity with state-of-the-art technology. He loves helping businesses to grow and prosper by providing the right tools and the right people to bring their visions to life. Frank’s other passions include playing music, exploring the adventures of fatherhood, and sailing with his family. 
Donna .:. Project Development + Marketing Coordinator  
Donna manages operations and customer relations for Totera Web Systems. She admits to a general obsession with marketing trends and all things new and geeky. She has become increasingly involved in IT ever since the world was slated to end in Y2K. In addition to studying marketing, Donna holds a degree in psychology from the University of Washington. Family, books, music, birding, Scrabble, cards, nature and road trips are a few of her favorite things.
Patrick .:. Creative Director
Patrick brings many talents to his work at Totera. With a background in interior design and fine art combined with strong strategic thinking skills, he is able to help clients bring their visions to reality. Patrick leads clients through the strategic process, which includes creative thinking, concept development, and design exploration. When not creating digital masterpieces for Totera, Patrick enjoys playing with things with 4 wheels, sunny weather.and spending time with his wife and new son. 
Julia  .:. Dev Ops Director 
Julia manages development operations for Totera Web Systems. She provides the tools needed for our developers to efficiently build and seamlessly deploy valuable solutions for our customers. Julia brings a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), IT and years of experience in delivering enterprise-level ecommerce solutions. When she's not fine-tuning Totera’s processes, Julie enjoys yoga , classic novels, and old movies. In her spare time she also volunteers for the Peace Corps teaching English to at-risk youth.
Dmitrij .:. Programming Team Lead 
Dmitrij began working for Totera in 2008 and is the engine that drives the Totera development team. He comes to Totera from Minsk, Belarus, where he studied database design and launched a programming career spanning 16 years as a PHP, C#, and C++ developer. Dmitrij brings a profound understanding of information technology and an enthusiastic sense of humor to every project.
Victor .:. Web Developer
Victor builds and maintains Totera’s client content management systems and custom cms modules to automate business processes. He is an accomplished PHP/MySQL developer with diverse experience in database design and user-interface design. Victor loves to travel to exotic places and spend time with family. 
Dinesh .:. Senior Analyst + Digital Marketing Manager
Dinesh is a Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Google Analytics certified professional and helps Totera clients dominate organic search engine results via SEO, Local+Organic Search, and Content Marketing. When he's not geeking out on data analysis and deciphering Google algorithms, Dinesh enjoys kayaking, photography, going to movies with his fiance. 

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