Web Development

Web Development

Imagine your perfect IT department ready and waiting for your next project.

Totera's Software Development Division represents the best way for you to get your ideas and services from the whiteboard to production. In today's business environment where speed is of the essence, our professional development team has the experience needed to quickly turn your ideas into reality.

Totera's areas of expertise include:
  • Web Application Design
  • Database Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Services Design
  • Application Programming
  • Application Testing
  • Application Deployment

      Content Management Systems
      + Custom Forms + Database Development

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      Custom Shopping Cart Programming

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      Fresh content delivered your way

    • Responsive Web Sites
      Seamless + Localized + Mobile

    Reduced Costs

    Don't build a development team when what you really want to do is build an application. Don't waste time and money recruiting, hiring, paying and supporting a team of developers that is only needed for one project. Instead, let us build a team to work with you that is ready when you are. Whether yours is a small project requiring a single developer or a large-scale application that requires multiple, cross-discipline teams; Totera can handle the project - with the right size team, every time - from design to deployment.

    Reduced Production Time

    Totera goes to great lengths to acquire the best talent in areas of web application and development, database design, and programming. These team members are extensively trained and prepared for a multitude of customer requests. The right combination of talent and experience will be applied to your project and extensive knowledge and familiarity with multiple hosted environments allows for quick production and project completion.

    Moreover, a strict adherence to traditional application design and development principles and the assignment of the same team throughout the development process allow for better communication between team and customer, faster development, and fewer problems.

    Quality Standards Assurance

    Software Development is constantly changing. Developers who do not keep up can be quickly left behind. At Totera, we are committed to acquiring only the best talent. We hire and train only the highest caliber of developers so that when you get ready to build your application, we have a world-class development team ready to work with you.

    And because we believe in developing to the current software "best practices" whenever possible, we keep our developers aware and trained in these practices and utilize the same rigorous standards whether developing our own in-house applications or your new service.

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